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How Does The Secret Fishing Weapon Work During The Day

Many of my customers are having excellent results with the product during the day.

Here are the methods they are using:

1. Using the unit on overcast days.

2. Using the product in cloudy/murky water.

3. Submerging it at least 25 feet down below the surface during the day. 

Using any (or all) of these tips will increase your results during the day.  Some people are getting similar results during the day as they do at night with these tips.

Keep in mind, out of the box the unit has about 10 feet of cord on it.  I can extend the cord to 35 feet for you if you wish, for an extra $15.

If you haven't placed your order yet click here to order the Secret Fishing Weapon with an extended cord for daytime use.

If you have already received the product, just send it back to me, and I'll add the cord.

Dan Eggertsen
217 S. Main St.
Shelbyville, TN 37160

Just make sure to include a note in the box so I know exactly what you want.

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