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How Do I Use It?

Here are the steps for using your Secret Fishing Weapon:

STEP 1: Remove the Secret Weapon from the carrying case and set it aside.

STEP 2: Get your battery out and place it close to where you will be lowering the Secret Fishing Weapon into the water.  (if you are using the battery on your boat, bring the unit close to it.)

STEP 3: Next, attach your fishing weight (we recommend a 5 pound weight) to the bottom of the Secret Fishing Weapon (there is a loop hole at the bottom for this purpose).  This is to keep the unit submerged for maximum fish swarming power.

STEP 4: The next step is to attach the red and black terminal connectors on the Secret Fishing Weapon to the terminals on your battery (black to black, red to red).  The unit has a draw of 1.5 – 2 amps.   If you purchased the rechargeable 12/20 volt DC battery, you will have over 12 hours of usage per charge.

STEP 5: Next, gently lower the unit into the water (with the weight attached).  It is best to be in an area where you have had some success fishing before – preferably close to some structures where lots of fish like to hide.  (i.e. kelp, weeds, large rocks, etc.)

STEP 6: Check the water around the perimeter of the Secret Fishing Weapon for fish every 15-20 minutes.  If you don’t see any activity after 35 minutes, move to a different spot and repeat these steps.  It is extremely rare that you find yourself in a location where no swarming occurs, but it could happen if you are in an especially bad spot.

STEP 7: Fish the edges of the swarming ball of bait fish that gathers.  Don't put your bait right in the middle of the fray. Fish the edges so that the crappie, catfish, bass, walleye, and other game fish coming in to feed on the bait fish will see your bait and strike!


1. If you're not seeing a swarm of bait fish: first, try it in a variety of fishing spots.

If you have tried it in a variety of spots, and none of them are creating the zooplankton bloom or bringing the bait fish, it may be that the oxygen level towards the surface is not high enough for the zooplankton organisms. Try submerging the unit between 5 and 8 feet under the surface..

2. Try moving to a variety of different spots, give it about 40 minutes to an hour before giving up on that spot... It should be very rare that a proven spot does not produce a swarm.

3. If still nothing, drop it down and leave it in one spot for at least 2 hours...sometimes certain bodies of water take a little longer than others for some reason.

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