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The Secret Fishing Weapon Might Be Too Big/Long For Me

If you feel the 4 foot long Secret Fishing Weapon is a little too long for you, that's OK...we've got you covered.

We do have a 2 foot model that may be much more manageable for you…

If you have already ordered we can do an exchange and credit you the different.  Just contact us by clicking any of the support links on this page.

If you haven't placed your order yet and want to order the 2 foot version, you can go here to place your order:

The unique materials we use n the 2 foot version of the product sends out the exact same amount of "optimized fish attracting waves" as the 4 foot version…

IMPORTANT: If you've already purchased the 4 foot version and want to exchange for the 2 foot, you must include a note in the box stating your desire to exchange.

We'll ship you the 2 foot version and credit you for the difference.

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