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I'm Having A Hard Time Getting It To Work Ice Fishing

If you're having a hard time getting results using the Secret Fishing Weapon under the ice, here are some guidelines for you to follow that help most customers get the results they want...

1. You should be drilling at least 2 holes about 6 feet apart.

Down one hole you lower the Secret Fishing Weapon, and down the other hole you will drop your fishing line.

2. Make sure to be in a location where you have caught fish in the past (it won't create fish where there aren't any, in other words - there must at least be fish in the somewhat near vicinity).

3. The top of the unit should only be about 2 - 3 inches under the surface - and you should be tying a weight to the bottom of the unit to keep it submerged vertically.

4. When you look into the water after about 20 - 30 minutes, you should see the zooplankton organisms forming clumps around the top the unit...

Once this happens, you know it is working in that spot, and you should begin to see baitfish showing up to feed on the zooplankton. This swarm of baitfish will grow over time...and the game fish will sense all of that movement and hang out off the perimeter of the baitfish ball to feed.

5. That's why you have your second hole about 6 feet off of the light, so you will be fishing the edges of the ball of bait.

6. If you have tried it in a variety of spots, it may be that the oxygen level towards the surface is not high enough for the zooplankton organisms. Try submerging the light between 5 and 8 feet under the surface.

7. Try moving to a variety of different spots, give it about 40 minutes to an hour before giving up on that spot... It should be very rare that a proven spot does not produce a swarm.

8. If still nothing, drop it down and leave it in one spot for at least 2 hours...sometimes certain bodies of water take a little longer than others for some reason.

If you've tried all this and still can't get any results, please contact us by clicking any of the support links on this page.

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