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I'm Not Sure It's Working - I See Plankton But No Fish

Ok, the good news the unit is bringing the zooplankton... which is the foundation for success with the feeding frenzy and lots of catches.

Anyway, that means the oxygen level in the water just fine. Now we just need to figure out why the smaller bait fish aren't coming.

Just some pointers:

1. Stick with a depth of 3-5 inches from the surface to the top of the unit.  This gives the best results.

2. You'll get your best initial success in low light conditions.  Try it early in the morning, at dusk, or night time in your sports first. 

3. Make sure to leave the unit submerged for at least 1 hour in this case.  It's possible that there just aren't THAT many bait fish in the spots you've tested and it may take a little longer for them to "find" the zooplankton bloom the Secret Fishing Weapon is creating.

You may even need to keep it submerged longer. 

A lot of my customers who have had problems actually find a dock where they can leave it in for many hours at a time, continually checking to see how many fish are in the swarm, and how long it takes to create the swarm. 

Remember, every body of water is different.  Fish counts are different.  So it's all about finding what works in your spots.

If you still get nothing - this is one of those "unexplained" bodies of water where the bait and game fish just aren't reacting to the zooplankton that case, please contact us by clicking any of the support links on this page, and we'll figure something out.

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